A downloadable game for Windows

This is a bad horror game.

You don't want to play it.

And if you do,

I'm sorry.

BTW, there's a secret ending for Markiplier in this is he decides to play this.


Install instructions



literallytheworsthorrorgameyouwilleverplay-1.0-pc.zip 70 MB


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Wait nvm it worked now

The game got stuck. :(


I got a good laugh out of this!

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Please keep making games! The Markiplier ending was so good! I hope he finds it <3


Hey NekoSounds, Im in the editing stage (my only editor got a job, it's on me now!) but I wanted to let you know that I loved your game. Literally the worst horror game? Not by a long shot! You really got me good near the end there! Good job! The markimoo secret ending (that I wasn't supposed to find... Sorry)  was really good!

Sorry I'm being so vauge! No spoilers for anyone else :) it's just really good at the end and I wanted to let you know I enjoyed it

- Maya (TheBubbleE1)