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GOt all the endings and all, what an adventure!

how do you play and start the game?


Changed me Life 69/69 would reccomend

Its So revolutionary

lovin it mwak

I enjoyed this. I do wish there were more options, but this was cute. Though I did die lol. Also learned I should keep allergies in play. It's a nice cute short game. Definitely worth a try. 

How do I open the game?

this is the magnum opus of gaming :) 


kill me


AMAZING!! WOOOO!!!!!!! WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [starts cheering] [starts clapping] [AHHHHHH!!} [YEAHHHH!!!] [WOOOO]

Hey, I'm looking for a new horror game to play, but I don't do well with jumpscares- does this have any?


yes it does a ton of them trust me i almost sharted my pants...



Someone send this to Jacksepticeye.


omg yes

This game was fun to play!!! Siren Head is super easy to piss off though, lol!!!!

Here's my play though if anyone's interested (it's the 3rd game).

most romantic experience of my life

so romantic 😩



Very cute, absolutely amazing. 10/10


browser version NOW!


that was ... very romantic...



Super funny and a fun experience 


I want a sequel

This is cool i got to see my friend fall in love with siren head


I have no idea what I just experienced. And are feeling an emotion that doesn't exist.

Owo wtf




this game gave me a whole new perspective of life.....

loved it!

does siren head date iwanplays play this game


is it just me.... are is siren head kinda sexy XD


10/10 gotta say this is the second best dating sim I have ever played shrek still number 1 though 


I always wanted to fuck a siren, this was close enough. 10 out of 10.

this video has all itch io games i made video on in 2020 including this one. I also wanna say thanks for the game and good luck for future projects. #hellofajourney 

my discord:


hi im new


Dating Siren Head

Created by Jaboblu

Date Siren Head or die! Awesome game, very unexpected.

Omg! Amazing work! Thank you so much!

how do I open the game? ;-;

Hi, I need help.  How exactly do I open the game?

lmao wtf is that xD it so weird but great art talent


When he called me a basic bitch for ordering Vanilla my heart skipped a beat 😳. Siren Head is truly my one and only love 😩

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